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What About Bob? - A Turtle Bay Soft Cover

The UN's 'special coordinator for the Middle East peace process,' Robert Serry, pronounced from Turtle Bay that a 'new strategy' is needed by Israel, Egypt and Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority to end the Israeli blockade of Hamas' Gaza Strip. If it weren't from the austere halls of the United Nations, it would be a stunning display of ineptitude at understanding the conflict. Or bias. Pick one. But it's not stunning. It's just a display of ineptitude at understanding the conflict.

Despite Israeli denials, Serry, who was appointed to his post last December, on Tuesday reiterated that the Israeli siege of Gaza amounts "to collective punishment" of the territory's 1.5 million Palestinians.

He also chided the militant Hamas movement for not acting "with sufficient determination" to end rocket firing by Gaza-based militants on southern Israel.

Hamas hasn't acted to stop the rocket barrages "with sufficient determination"? Would Robert Serry have admonished the Third Reich for not acting "with sufficient determination" to stop the incineration of the Jews? It's hard to tell if that question is even rhetorical.

And collective punishment? What then is Sderot? Or even Ashkelon? It's the largest "collective" that Hamas can reach. That's why they are walled off and penned in, Bob. Hamas and the population that freely and openly elected the terrorists into a governing power.

And he expressed concern about "reports of outside militant groups now gaining a foothold in Gaza" but did not elaborate.

Of course he did not elaborate. Allow me. No, check that.

My friend Nir Boms has already elaborated on Gaza's New Residents. Read and one will be prepared to elaborate.

And to think I was in a good mood today...