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Registering Pre-paid Cell Phones – A Matter of Security

They’re innocuous and they are a convenience. At the same time, they could represent a security threat since they aren’t traceable. While the practice of registering pre-paid cell phones, requiring users to show ID when they purchase a SIM card already exists in places like Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, just this week, Texas State Senator John Carona introduced a proposal in the Texas State legislature that would place restrictions on this pay as you go cell phones. . The legislation has the support of law enforcement and is intended to help fight crime and deter terrorism.

The legislation would require prepaid cellphone customers to present ID and limit purchases to three phones at a time. It would also require prepaid cellphone service providers to make phone records accessible to police.

"Prepaids are popular with criminals because they are cheap, accessible, untraceable and discardable," Carona, a Dallas Republican, said. "Criminal gangs have become a major threat to our quality of living," said Carona, who chairs the Texas Senate Committee on Transportation and Homeland Security. "They reach from the street corners of Dallas to the four corners of the globe, literally."

The proposal sure makes sense to me. Its not just terrorists who use these pre-paid cell phones. They’re prevalent in the illegal narcotics trade too.