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Reaction to PBS' Haditha Marines Documentary - Rules of Engagement

A recent PBS Frontline documentary explored the saga of the Haditha Marines facing charges for the deaths of civilians that occurred after being ambushed by insurgents.

Over at Blackfive, arguably the most influential Military Blog on the Net, the initial reaction is: Frontline convinces me - Haditha Marines innocent.

In a shocking turn of events the PBS documentary on Haditha was overwhelmingly even-handed and convinced me they should face no punishment. The show was fair and I have no complaints about bias or slant. This is what PBS ought to do all the time.

This is my in-depth look at the incident from a decision point perspective. What are our troops thinking and is that the right decision. Haditha was a horrible loss of life, but the decisions were correct if not perfect.

Also see Bruce Kesler's review, in which he concludes PBS’ Frontline Haditha Earns a “B-”, while Jules Crittenden€ has weighed in as well.