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Protesting Too Much

"So-called talk that China runs spying activities in [the US] is totally fictitious and has ulterior motives"

So spoke Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao today after Washington announced the arrest of several Chinese living in the US for espionage.

Everyone spies on everyone to one extent or another, that's an irrefutable given. That Chinese spies just happen to be arrested collecting information on technologies that the Chinese military is attempting to master is not simply a random collection of data points.

What we may be able to debate is the definition of a "Chinese spy," given their practice of using the large number of scientists, students and professionals that go abroad as de facto as well as actual intelligence collectors. Still, it is hard to refute one's status when they're caught handing over wads full of cash for data.

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We seem to know the motivations of the Chinese. But with all of the attention being paid to China and to National Security, what I'd don't understand are the motivations of someone like Bergersen. Is it simply greed?