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New and Improved: Euro Carrots for Mullahs to Mull

Consistent with previous fallout after December's NIE on Iran, the Europeans are planning a new round of incentives for Iran, apparently in tandem with a supposed new round of UNSC sanctions on Iran hoped for within the next week. That the most significant "outstanding questions" remain unresolved by the latest IAEA report is of no matter. After all, Iran said the evidence indicating "administrative interconnections" among Iran's enrichment, warhead and missile development programs are all "lies" and "fabrications."

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Note to Javier Solana: The sanctions are laughed at by Iran. There is no stick. And the previous US/EU attempt at offering incentives - which included construction of Western nuclear power plants - failed because Iran's own carrot is bigger. Why would they compromise?

The Iranian program steams ahead while we in the West amuse ourselves with the next bright idea. Iran is, simply stated, undeterred by our weak sticks and disinterested in our proffered carrots, which include all the civilian nuclear power - and accompanying uranium fuel - that Iran could ever want.

At some point, we will have to ask why this is, no?