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FireWatch Podcast: Conversations on Mugniyah, al-Qaeda, Hizballah and Iran

ThreatsWatch readers may note a change this week in the right column that includes a new section for our FireWatch podcast. The latest published this week - Fire Watch: February 18, 2008 - features Tom Joscelyn on the history and assassination of Imad Mugniyah followed by a second segment from Israel with Nir Boms on potential scenarios (who may have killed him) and an important look to the future implications for both Israel and the West as well as Hizballah and Iran.

Tom Jocselyn's cover story on Imad Mugniyah for this week's Weekly Standard is critically required reading for every American. The link to it as well as links to several other important pieces of work from both Joscelyn and Nir Boms are listed within the Fire Watch podcast posting, including a link to the 9/11 commission report referenced by Tom in the discussion. We extend our thanks to both for participating.

We also hope that readers and listeners will offer constructive feedback on the show as well as suggestions for topics and guests you would be most interested in for future productions. Our feedback e-mail address is listed on our ThreastWatch Contact Details page. We hope you will take a minute to send a note to let us know how we did and what you hope we will do going forward.

Some have asked about the name. It comes from the Marine Corps term used for daily unit level barracks/site guard duty. And, in a manner of speaking, that is what we are doing: standing guard in observing hot spots and US national security threats around the globe. The podcast is meant to bring this home in an accessible language and delivery for the average American who needs to become more informed but has difficulty in digesting often 'wonkish' language. The dirty little secret is that none of this is rocket science. Yes, it can get complicated and yes it requires study to digest fully, but it need not be a mystery to the average American.

We have long held that too few of those within professional counterterrorism, intelligence and national security circles speak to the broader public. Viewing this as critically important, it has been our primary mission all along. We hope you will continue to let us know how we are doing in that regard.

Note: Global Crisis Watch has not gone anywhere and a new edition of GCW is coming soon. FireWatch is simply a somewhat different kind of production and a new addition.