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Desperation, Sadness

Of all the sadness that war brings, perhaps nothing is as sad as the death of innocents. The unintentional deaths of those who fall victim to carelessness or the injudicious application of force is especially down heartening.

This makes news of the use of two mentally handicapped women as mules for a bomb attack in a Baghdad market today particularly agonizing, for not only did the intended victims have no idea what was about to happen, neither did those who inadvertently carried out the attack.

Some observers will focus on the terrorist's exceptionally despicable use of the handicapped to carry out this attack and label it "desperation:" which it certainly is. Others may seek to remind us of the whole point of unconventional warfare. While describing war in generational or tactical terms is a useful academic construct, it is perhaps most useful to see this event for what it is: simply evil.

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Time to take names of those who aren't outraged, who down play this atrocity, who attempt to mitigate the disgust normal people feel about the perpetrators of this heinous crime against humanity.