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Cyber Jihad Symposium

There is an interesting symposium today on the topic of Cyber Jihad, published at FrontPage Magazine. Interesting discussion that you might want to check out.

Opening comment by Dr. Lawrence Prabhakar:

Cyber Jihad represents the new defining paradigm of asymmetric conflict that is being launched by the wannabe jihadists in attacking a superior adversary with enduring tactics and weapons of the electronic cyberspace.

The contest pits the defending West against the host of coordinated attacks by a radical ideology that is determined of its objectives in terms of inflicting predatory physical violence; massive economic destruction and triggering a social and civic collapse that would destroy the very fabric of the liberal-democratic edifice.

The war in cyberspace is a virulent attempt to:

i) intimidate the public;

ii) impose the pervasive influence of a dogma that seeks radical transformation of the rest of the world to its whims or face the impunity of being destroyed;

iii) win the contest of the public space that delegitimizes all governments, civic institutions, democratic values;

iv) glorify violence and denigrate all pacific initiatives to development and growth;

v) promote religious obscurantism as the means of an emergent order.

Cyber jihad enjoys all the technological advantages of its adversary--the West, though it is asymmetrically weak in resources, yet its high human motivational force provides it the prospect to overwhelm the West that is now being surmounted not only by the predatory, asymmetric and attritional power of the cyber jihadis, but it also confronts the assertive and revisionist challenges of Russia, China Iran and North Korea who are evermore determined to attrite and assail the power of the West, the values of liberal-democracy and impose an authoritarian world order.