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'Administrative Interconnections' Among Iran's Various R&D Programs

With the release of the IAEA's latest report on the Iranian nuclear program, ElBaradei's agency is worried about Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons though it does say that all other issues of concern have been addressed and unresolved questions answered. That's a rather fundamental issue to have 'concerns' about, regardless of what Mohamed ElBaradei and his IAEA accepted from Tehran as explanations.

Opening the section regarding "Alleged Studies," the IAEA report's paragraph 35 has wording that is about as close to an accusation as anything written by ElBaradei is ever going to get.

The Agency has continued to urge Iran, as demanded by the Security Council, to address the alleged studies concerning the conversion of uranium dioxide (UO2) into uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) (the green salt project), high explosives testing and the design of a missile re-entry vehicle, which could have a military nuclear dimension and which appear to have administrative interconnections, and in view of their possible link to nuclear material (GOV/2007/58, para. 28). As part of the work plan, Iran agreed to address these alleged studies.

Did you catch it? Th report says that Iran's enrichment, missile and explosives (high explosives needed to implode and trigger a nuclear detonation - ie warhead) R&D programs "appear to have administrative interconnections."

We will have analysis of the new IAEA report in the coming days. Until then, in order to learn more about Iran's Green Salt Project that the IAEA report referenced above, see from February 2006:

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1 Comment

Yes, and a few paragraphs down was the old "they're trying to frame us" defense.

"Iran stated that the allegations were baseless and that the information which the Agency had shown to Iran was fabricated."

The "Run Out The Clock" strategy continues.