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Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Worries Beyond War

Next on the reading list comes from the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute: Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Worries Beyond War.

I've yet to even read Henry Sokolski's introductory piece, but am sharing now as it appears an interesting and informative collaborative colection with the collective works of others organized in three sections.

I. Islamabad's Proliferating Past
II. Maintaining Southwest Asian Deterrence
III. Pakistan's Next Set of Nuclear Headaches

The work looks to provide a proper brief history of the Pakistani nuclear program, its current deterrent role in the regional balance of power, and a ponderance of the future threats to and, thus, from the Pakistani nuclear arsenal with al-Qaeda in their midst with eyes on an Islamabad jihadi prize.

At nearly 400 pages, it will not be a quick read. But I expect Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Worries Beyond War to be an engaging and interesting one and share it here for those who may find interest in the same.