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US 'Warns' North Korea on Nuclear 'Deadline'?

Here is a curious report: US Urges North Korea to Keep Nuclear Commitments.

Officials here say the United States and other parties to the nuclear deal are fulfilling their commitments to North Korea and that Pyongyang can and should meet its obligation to account for its nuclear program and activities by the end of the year.

The 'end of the year' is a scant 3 days and one hour from the time of this posting (NYC time). Interesting, but not curious.

The curious part is the continued toying with a North Korean totalitarian government with a track record of thumbing its nose after it gets what it wants in exchange for its extortion efforts - generally cash, food and fuel. Further, is the deadline actually a deadline, or perhaps another roadside post that can be moved upon renewed NoKor promises come January 1, 2008? it's not an unfair question to ask.

One wonders if aiding Syria with a suspected nuclear program closely tied to Iran is part of its 'commitments,' either explicitly or implied.

Does anyone remember that Iran's IRGC had a healthy supply of officers at last year's North Korean nuclear bomb test detonation...and lost IRGC officers in a recent explosion while 'training' Syrian forces on the finer points of installing chemical warheads on Scud missiles...not far down the road from the suspected Syrian nuclear site - manned with both Iranians and North Koreans - laid flat by the Israeli Air Force?

Just asking for asking's sake.