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Rauf Escape In Pakistan: Details Too Dumb to be Error

The level of incompetence that must be believed in order to classify Rashid Rauf's new-found freedom in Pakistan as an 'escape' crosses a line of incredulity. As details reported by London's Times Online emerge, it appears almost certain that he did not 'escape' but was rather 'sprung' with the willful cooperation of two Pakistani police officers. According to information obtained by Times Online, Rauf escaped while praying as he was allowed to enter a mosque with his uncle, free of handcuffs and unaccompanied by police who were waiting in the car (Rauf's uncle's car, not a police vehicle.)
Investigators have discovered that Mr Rauf left court in his uncle’s car, accompanied by two police officers, and was allowed to stop at a fast-food restaurant for lunch before going on to a mosque to pray.

The two officers waited in the car while Mr Rauf and his uncle, Mohammed Rafiq, entered the prayer room, but when they failed to emerge, the officers discovered that the men had escaped through the back door.

Investigators believe that the police escorts must have unlocked the suspect’s handcuffs to allow him to pray.

The new revelations have raised questions about whether the escape was the result of police negligence – or something more sinister. Hashmat Habib, Mr Rauf’s lawyer, yesterday questioned his client’s “mysterious disappearance from the court premises”, and alleged that Pakistani authorities were against his extradition. “There was no need for him to flee as he was quite happy to be extradited to Britain,” Mr Habib told The Times.
Rauf's lawyer can say what he likes in defense of his client, but no one is 'happy to be extradited' when compared to being free. Compared to a Pakistani prison? Perhaps. But there is no comparison to freedom.

Further, it is difficult to fathom any police in any country so lacking in security sense as to allow a prisoner to leave a vehicle unbound and unaccompanied to slip into a building and out of sight.

Rashid Rauf is wanted in connection with London's investigation into his uncle's 2002 murder and is suspected of assisting Britons traveling to Pakistan for al-Qaeda training.