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New Bin Laden Tape Imminent

A new video featuring Usama bin Laden called "The Way to Foil the Conspiracies" is set to hit the Internet, according to a statement posted on several Jihadi message boards and promoted through an animated GIF banner. The message will last for a total of 56 minutes and 10 seconds and will address Iraq and al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq (ISI).

Promotional banner for 'The Way to Foil the Conspiracies'

The ISI has come under scrutiny within Jihadi circles for its loss of territory and reduced tempo of operations. In October bin Laden recorded an audio message that was widely considered to be criticism of the ISI and its emir, the notional Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

It is not clear when the message will be released onto the Internet and if it will be delivered as an audio or a video file. It will mark as-Sahab's 99th video/audio product of 2007 and bin Laden's fifth media appearance since September.