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Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Algiers Attacks

A communique posted on the major Jihadist message boards by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings that took place in Algiers earlier today. The attacks struck the United Nations headquarters in Algiers and the Algeria Constitutional Council building and, the statement indicates, are part of an ongoing terror campaign on the eve of Eid al-Adha called "The Attack of the Martyr Yahya Abu al-Haitham." The attacks killed 67 people.

Logo of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic MaghrebThe online communique, which was distributed as a Microsoft Word document, features the photographs of the two suicide bombers and gives their names as Ibrahim Abu Uthman and Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi. The photographs appear to be stills from unreleased martyrdom statements.

"The heroic martyr Ibrahim Abu Uthman," the communique states, "drove his truck filled with no less than 800 kg of explosives to the headquarters of the United Nations... broke through the numerous fortifications... and detonated his truck, destroying the building and at least 60 killed and scores wounded in the ranks of the Crusaders and apostates."

"Heroic martyr Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi," the statement continues, "received his truck filled with no less than 800 kg of explosives, at the same time stormed the Constitutional Council building, near the headquarters of the Graduate School of the secret police, and resulted in the explosion that, according to our sources, destroyed a large part of the building, thankfully, killed at least 50 and scores wounded in the ranks of apostates."

Photo of Ibrahim Abu Uthman   Photo of Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi

Ibrahim Abu Uthman


Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi

The statement also declares responsiblity for an attack on a military airport in Jant city led by "Commander Yahya Abu Ammar" that destroyed 3 military aircraft on November 8 and a double-bomb attack "under the command of Abu Asim Hayyan" on a Stroitransgaz Company motorcade on December 8 that "wounded and killed an unknown number of Russian troops and )Algerian) gendarmes."

Addressing "the infidels and renegades," AQIM declares that the ongoing terror campaign "demolishes the myth" that the group is weak and without strong leadership. It states that the "crusader occupiers of our homes and looters of our wealth should listen well to the demands of Sheikh Usama bin Laden" and that the mujahideen are racing to liberate "every inch of the land of Islam."

The campaign is named after AQIM commander Yahya Abu al-Haitham who was killed while trying to penetrate a roadblock on November 16 between the towns of Zazqa and Tizi Ouzou, 120 km (75 miles) east of Algiers.