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Al-Libi: Al-Nafeer (Trumpet of War)

The As-Sahab Foundation, which represents al-Qaeda's media wing, released its 95th propaganda product in 2007 on December 18, a lecture by Abu Yahya al-Libi titled "Al-Nafeer," which is the trumpet blown before a battle. The video, which lasts 41 minutes and 31 seconds, is al-Libi's 11th appearance this year and is not subtitled.

"Al-Nafeer" was released in 3 different file formats and 5 file sizes, zipped as a compressed and password-protected RAR file, and seeded across 318 free file transfer sites. The system timestamp on the videos indicate that they were created on December 18. Following standard operational security, the RAR files are protected with the randomly-generated password "a65dVTSf#YKers)mh&qiuS)op2#KJ32J3a."

File Names Format Size (MB) Seeds
1f.rar MPEG 495 34
2f.rar RM 138 54
3f.rar RM 15.4 74
4f.rar 3GP 16.3 96
5f.rar RM (audio only) 3.4 60

Al-Libi, a Libyan al-Qaeda commander and member of al-Qaeda's Shari'a Committee widely considered to be the group's "Defense Minister," speaks in a classroom to a group of mujahideen that are off-camera. The classroom appears to be the same location where his November 7 as-Sahab video, "Final Session of the Shari'a Course Held at a Mujahideen Center," was filmed. Al-Libi uses the opportunity for a call to arms against "the soldiers of the devil" in the theaters that are attracting al-Qaeda's most attention - Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Algeria and Egypt. Saying that "Islam, Hijra (migration) and Jihad" are "the most important for a Muslim," he compels his audience to fight where needed most and that Jihad knows no borders or nationality. Secular and moderate Muslims who argue against fighting, he mocks as "tools of Satan." Dying in Jihad, he says, "is a guaranteed route to heaven."

Abu Yahya Al-Libi, alias Mohammad Hassan, is one of the most charismatic al-Qaeda leaders featured in as-Sahab products. As a member of the group's Shari'a Committee, he frequently bases his arguments on the Qur'an and Hadith and his videos are mainly used for indoctrination of the rank and file. He is one of the Bagram Four who escaped from U.S. custody in Bagram in 2005. His visibility on as-Sahab messaging products, which is not necessarily an indication of his position in the network's leadership hierarchy, is second only to Ayman al-Zawahiri.

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As-Sahab's banner: Al-Nafeer.

[Editor's Note: We have begun posting the propaganda from al-Qaeda and others for the primary purpose of informing and educating both the general public and policy makers about the level to which the enemy has actively engaged in Information Warfare. Some of the messages contain graphic content. We at ThreatsWatch post these videos as evidence of the brutal nature of the enemy we face and the clear intent they have to kill those not aligned with them. Making the public aware of the nature of the enemy - as well as the often forgotten virtues of our own nation - is one of the primary missions of ThreatsWatch and the Center for Threat Awareness.]