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AFRICOM War Game a Taste of Things to Come

The Daily Press, a local newspaper based in Newport News, Virginia, is reporting on a war game that took place at a Lockheed Martin facility in neighboring Suffolk, Virginia. The exercise, hosted by Joint Forces Command, was an effort to simulate how AFRICOM would respond in a crisis situation, especially in light of AFRICOM’s unconventional structure that blends military and civilian elements. The scenario was outlined as follows:

It's 2013 in the west African nation of Guinea. There's a new government in power, and rumors of the deadly avian flu in neighboring countries have sent a massive number of refugees over the border.

Villagers are making demands on the government for basic human services, and terrorist groups are taking advantage of the problems and working their way across the border.

Looking for help, government officials in Guinea reach out to the international community, including the United States. U.S. officials turn to the Defense Department's new Africa Command.

Though no information was provided on whether the simulation was considered a success, it appears that this exercise made a good start in working out some of the kinks of AFRICOM and its unique framework with a civilian deputy commander for civil-military affairs. The five day exercise operated on the assumption that the civilian deputy, currently Ambassador Mary Carlin Yates, would direct the response in the situation, likely due to its non-military nature.