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Updates Underway

While ThreatsWatch has, on the surface, sat rather dormant over the last few weeks - we've been working to prepare for the launch of the Center for Threat Awareness (CTA) and to make some significant improvements to this site.

Later this week we will launch the Center for Threat Awareness and begin our concerted efforts to build an organization that extends beyond the reach of ThreatsWatch. CTA will be the educational non-profit think tank behind our on-going efforts to enhance national security, expand the reach of liberty, and broaden understanding and dialog on key issues to us all. We are working to add additional research capabilities, reasoned and knowledgeable analysts, and expert advisors. In addition we've added one of the net's best investigative podcasting teams to our roster and look forward to their return to action.

Coinciding with launch of CTA, ThreatsWatch will get a face-lift and begin a process of site improvements aimed at improving our delivery of content and enhancing our readers' experience and interaction. This multi-stage upgrade will begin this week - with the new site implementation and see further upgrades later in the year.

There are many online and off-line sources for those interested in these topics. As such, we are very appreciative of your continued support. While we've volunteered countless hours to the study of the issues of our day - and will continue to do so - we recognize that the real value behind our efforts is not in our improved understanding but in the broadened understanding and interests of our visitors.

Comments are now closed across the site.

Again, thanks for your patience and we very much look forward to your feedback, discussions and visits on and after Thursday, November 8th.


Just wanted to say great job on the site re-design. I particularly like the crossed swords and shield logo. And the extra white space definitely improves readability.

....ditto Mr Carr. Great re-design. I look forward to your continued great work on these very important subjects.