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Re: Brits Spin Basra

As noted in Brits Spin Basra Surrender as Victory, it is reasonable to see the British spin on their withdrawal from the fight and the ensuing drop in attacks on their forces as a significantly flawed bit of analysis. That said, Basra is not lost or surrendered.

The Iraqi Army has continued to expand its presence in the province and currently maintains elements of the Iraqi Army's 10th Infantry Division and 14th Mechanized Division. In addition, the 9th Armored Division's 3d Brigade is deployed to Basra. The 10th IA Division includes 4 Special Troops Battalions.

There is little news of late regarding any IA operations in the region, and we have little to gauge progress on border enforcement - aside from a recent briefing which stressed the training center and Basra's role as one of the regional centers for the Department of Border Enforcement.

The good news is that when the push in Basra comes it is likely to be Iraqi led.