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New Prime Minister Appointed in Somalia

Nur Hassan Hussein has been appointed as Somalia's new Prime Minister.

The VOA report reflects optimism from some inside Somalia regarding his ability to function as a leader.

A senior advisor to President Yusuf, Abdirizak Adam Hassan, tells VOA he is optimistic about the choice of Nur Adde.

"I think he is going to be a good manager," Hassan said. "He is going to be a man of accountability, transparency, and overall good governance."

Western diplomats have expressed hope that with his humanitarian background Nur Adde will be effective in his new role.

Hassan says he believes the main tasks for Nur Adde will be restoring security and building up Somalia's government institutions.

"The major assignment of this prime minister is going to be in my view security," he said. "He has to pacify the country, he has to work towards the stabilization of Somalia. The second priority is going to be executing the mandate of the government - drafting the constitution of the country, the census-taking, the referendum, the restructure of Somalia into federal Somalia, the multi-party system, making free and fair elections at the end of the mandate of the government."

1 Comment

to expect "good governance" from the current Somali "Government" is almost an oxymoron - it is impossible!

Good governance was what we expected of the former PM too. we expect it from the newly elected PM and we will expect it from the next PM, and the next and the next..

Of course, expectations are all we have; expectations which are never met!