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As-Sahab Media: Ambushing a Convoy of Apostates in Khost

As-Sahab, al-Qaeda's central media wing, released its 89th video this year and the fifth installment of "American Holocaust/Hell for the Americans in the Land of Khorasan (Islamic Emirate)" today on the main al-Qaeda message forums. The video, which is billed as "Ambushing a Convoy of Apostates in Khost," lasts a total of 29 seconds and features footage of tactical operations in Afghanistan.

It was posted in 3 video formats and 3 different file sizes and seeded across a total of 298 free file transfer sites on November 28, including cocoshare.cc, filefactory.com, hostupload.net, files.to, savefile.info, youuploadit.com, megaupload.com, rapidshare.com and archive.org.

File Name Format Size (MB) Seeds
2.rar MPEG 12.8 138
2M.rar RM 2.54 91
G.rar 3GP 0.19 69

The video itself, however, was last modified on November 6th. Following standard operational security, the files are zipped in the RAR format and protected with the randomly-generated password "a*m76nk,ihr08dVy)h!#5Z&^#3m5kedfa."

As-Sahab's banner for American Holocaust: Ambushing a Convoy of Apostates in Khost.

[Editor's Note: We have begun posting the propaganda from al-Qaeda and others for the primary purpose of informing and educating both the general public and policy makers about the level to which the enemy has actively engaged in Information Warfare. Some of the messages contain graphic content. We at ThreatsWatch post these videos as evidence of the brutal nature of the enemy we face and the clear intent they have to kill those not aligned with them. Making the public aware of the nature of the enemy - as well as the often forgotten virtues of our own nation - is one of the primary missions of ThreatsWatch and the Center for Threat Awareness.]