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Ansar Al Mujahideen Targets the Maldives

A previously unknown group called "the Media Section of Ansar Al Mujahideen" posted a teaser video today on a well-known Internet forum associated with al-Qaeda that promotes an upcoming full-feature package called "Your Brothers in Maldives are Calling You!"

The teaser lasts 1 minute and 49 seconds and features clips recorded inside a Wahhabi mosque during the October 6, 2007, standoff between approximately 90 masked militants armed with swords and iron rods and 100 government soldiers on Himandhoo island. The tiny island, which belongs to Alif Alif atoll, lies 50 miles to the west of Male', measures only 750m across and has a population of 583 residents. It is known as a hotbed of Wahhabi activity and, according to multiple intelligence sources, was a major transit point for South and Southeast Asian militants traveling by boat to fight in Somalia in the Fall and Winter of 2006.

The standoff occurred at the unregistered Dhar-al-Khuir Mosque on October 6, 2007, which was harboring at least two members of a cell that orchestrated the country's first Jihadist terror attack. The attack, on September 29 at a popular tourist drop-off point in Male', injured 12 foreign nationals and, according to police investigations, was funded by Islamic NGOs in Pakistan and the UK. Although the NGOs have not yet been named publicly, knowledgeable Maldives observers suspect the Idara Khidmat-e-Khalq NGO, the charitable wing of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

When fully released, the video will mark the first al Qaeda messaging product that features the Maldives. It is likely a call for foreign recruitment and financing for the local terror cell, which is believed to have grown considerably in the past year. The Maldives is believed to fall under the purview of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, a Comorro who is wanted for the 1998 East Africa embassy attacks and is believed to be hiding inside Somalia.

Interestingly, the teaser appears to be an indigenous product. It was seeded in 3 file formats (WMV, MP4 and FLV) and 4 sizes across 23 sites, including rapidshare.com, zshare.net, megaupload.com, badongo.com, and archive.org. The archive.org location appears to be the master distribution point and is registered to a false e-mail address "walad99@spambog.net." It also contains documents with keywords related to travel and tourism, which is the main source of income for the country and the main issue of contention for Maldivian militants.

Promotional banner for Media Section of Ansar Al Mujahideen's teaser video



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The incidents did happen but there is no connection between the bomblast and Himandhoo which was a pure fabrication on the part by authorities to dislodge other versions of Islamic preachings in the Maldives. Same as Bush WMD on Iraq which proved itself as a LIE as time unfolded. Here too, it is same. Government took a golden opportunity to crack down on any form of Islam except what they want on the islands. Himandhoo guys were just defending their masjid. I too do not approve their version of Islam but truth seems a hard thing to prevail now a days as politics creats "truths" to suit its own needs.

I have a strong feeling these things are very much funded and supported by the opposition party, as most of the senior members are convicts and previous terrorist crimes which includes the failed 1988 coup attemp with the help of the tamil tigers. pictures tells you a thousand wordds, and Bush invasion of iraq about weapons of mass destruction, he was not able to show a single neuclear weapon, but these people in himandhoo are terrorists and there is proof that the people who carried out the bomb blast on the sultan park does have connection with the people from himandhoo.

there is no doubt that the 'dotcom' jihadi group have foreign links. they are financed by several jihadi groups and is ruled by a jihadi leader from UK by name abu isa. check this out

ibrahim rasheed!!!!

[Editor's Note - Comment edited due to inappropriate language.] for sayin that the authorities made that up.

I'm sure u r one of those [Edited] who breaches the rules of islam n make a mockery of ur own self n other muslims. Grow up man. Islam aint abt revenge or killin innocent ppl. It's abt good will n good faith. I don't pray nor fast but I dont hurt anyone else's feeling or anythin. I guess in the judgement day I'll be more muslim than u. Islam is all about love n peacefulness. So grow up buddy. It's not so hard to learn abt it. Just think abt it n hav some common sense. No religion or no god wil want to kill other human beings. If u believe its Allah's will to kill non-muslims than why [Edited] did he send them here. Ur way of thinkin makes no sense at all. N if ur way of islam is the right one, I guess god is one fool guy who doesnt respect the true value of human lives.

The political power techniques of using terrorism as an excuse to extend the Dictatorship is nothing new. The ruling DICTATORSHIP in the Maldives may be behind this and they may even use this situation to their advantage in the same manner as it is being practised by Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan. As some of you can recall, infact it was way too early when Dictator Qayoom blamed Friends of Maldives (FOM) and the opposition party MDP at first before the actual investigation began and eventually linking it to many suspects who have already fled to Pakistan.

Al Qaeda and the Maldives? Nuts ? I suspect this all propaganda of our main competitors of the toursim industry in the region. Having read so many articles related to this in Indian newspapes I wonder why India is keeping quiet if its such a threat for them. Even the most radical islamists in Maldives would know if he has any sense that without tourism even he cannot survive.

those nerds...we are also muslims and wot do these terrorist wants from us...may Allah protect the whole muslim communiity from insane guys like them..amen

dats good message from them to us.now this is a result of this america.they are trying to play muslims blood,i support this.inshaa allaah,save us.