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Al-Furqan Attempts Comeback with Second Video

Despite the recent loss of numerous cells across Iraq, the media wing of al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) has produced a second video product, which the al-Fajr Media Center posted Tuesday night on the main Jihadi message boards. The one minute video, called "Destruction Of An-American Hummer Vehicle," is the latest in the ongoing ISI media series "Roman and Apostate Hell in al-Rafedain Land" and, according to the accompanying Web statement, shows an IED attack on a hummer in the az-Zobayer bin al-Awaam region of Diyala Province.

Al-Furqan, al-Qaeda's media network inside Iraq, has been heavily targeted by coalition forces since the surge peaked in June. Its operations in Mosul were dismantled over the Summer and in the past week nearly 30 of its operatives in Samarra have been killed and captured by coalition forces. Al-Furqan perviously maintained a large output of propaganda products but it practically went silent between September and late November. The sudden appearance of video releases suggests a renewed effort by al-Qaeda to produce.

"These videos are especially crucial at this point in time," said military analyst Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal. "We've seen a drop in attacks and al-Qaeda needs to show it can still conduct operations and is relevant. With the targeting of these media cells they need to show that their capacity to conduct and record ops is still in place. In 2 months one of the most sophisticated insurgencies on the planet from both a military and propaganda standpoint hasn't been able to produce videos. That alone speaks volumes on where al-Qaeda in Iraq currently stands."

With competing videos produced almost on a daily basis from militias and militant groups that are members of the ISI umbrella, it is even more critical for al-Furqan to show that it can produce. "They're vital for fundraising, recruiting and also morale for the guys in theater," Roggio continued. "They pull the videos up on their cell phones. They want to see results of operations."

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Warning: Video contains graphic scenes.

[Editor's Note: We have begun posting the propaganda from al-Qaeda and others for the primary purpose of informing and educating both the general public and policy makers about the level to which the enemy has actively engaged in Information Warfare. Some of the messages, such as this one, contain graphic content. We at ThreatsWatch post these videos as evidence of the brutal nature of the enemy we face and the clear intent they have to kill those not aligned with them. Making the public aware of the nature of the enemy - as well as the often forgotten virtues of our own nation - is one of the primary missions of ThreatsWatch and the Center for Threat Awareness.]