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ThreatsWatch at the White House

Today Center for Threat Awareness Director and ThreatsWatch Managing Editor Steve Schippert was among several milbloggers who attended a one-hour meeting at the White House with President Bush. A more comprehensive report from Steve should be forthcoming, until then, several other milbloggers who were in attendance have posted about the visit:

Mohammed of Iraq the Model
John Donovan
Matt Burden
Bill Ardolino
Bill Roggio
Mudville Gazette (Mrs. Greyhawk)
NZ Bear
MSG CJ Grisham
And Military.com Editor Ward Carroll

UPDATE: Steve Says - I described a bit at The Tank at National Review late today. I will discuss more fully at ThreatsWatch early in the coming week. There was something significant that happened today. Not simply for me, which is by itself insignificant. But something bigger, much bigger, that I will put words to when they properly come to me.


Wow Steve. What an honor. Congratulations, all the hard work is being recognized. Nice job Steve.

Steve, this is significant. It is an acknowledgment of milbloggers as a media source and as a force capable of shaping political discourse. And for you personally, an acknowledgment of all you have done. What an honor. Congratulations!

Standing by for your report, Steve, and congrats for getting the invite to attend the White House meeting. You deserve it.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the MSM's control over news flow relating to military issues. The administration needs to do more of these and in my view can easily do so. Why not next have a similar roundtable with the VP, week after the Def Sec, week after Sec of State, week after that Gen Lute, week after that CIA director and on it goes no one administration official having their time overly taxed by it but getting the message out from the very top people through people who are actually qualified to analyse what is said and who will also take the duty to help win the GWOT very seriously indeed.