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Iran Ready To Share Nuclear Technology

Just as his internal political rival Hashemi Rafsanjani is elected to head the Assembly of Experts, Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced that Iran is ready to offer nuclear technology to other IAEA members.

The Iranian nation is prepared to offer its nuclear acheivements to other members of the International Atomic Energy Agency, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reaffirmed at the foreign ministerial NAM conference being held in Tehran Monday.

Delivering the inaugural address at the conference, President Ahmadinejad lambasted some of the hegemonic powers for exerting pressure on the IAEA to deprive Iran of its legitimate nuclear rights. "The Iranian nation is ready to offer its nuclear achievements in the form of educational programs to the other IAEA members according to the Agency's regulations and under its supervision," Ahmadinejad stated.

Perhaps he can begin by educating the IAEA and its members on the unresolved issues regarding the still-largely clandestine Iranian program, which is managed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and not Iran's civilian nuclear agency.

The IAEA published a letter from Iran last week in which Iran charted out a conditional time line for resolving issues. While Iran touted the letter as proof that issues are resolved due to its proposed 'framework,' the fact remains that no more is known about its programs than last week, last month or last year.

Iran had promised in the past to share its nuclear technology with all Muslim states. Most of the world would call that nuclear proliferation. Not at all dissimilar from how it attained much of its current knowledge and technology via the illicit A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network.

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If Iran shares its nuclear technology with other NPT states, it is merely doing what is required of it. Under the NPT, nations with nuclear technology are REQUIRED to share it. However, the nations that are constantly abrogating their responsibility to the NPT, such as the USA, UK, France and others, have reneged on their obligations by ostracising Iran, even though Iran is doing nothing more than conducting legal activity by enriching uranium. As for your statement about "Most of the world would call that nuclear proliferation", that's garbage. Right now, most of the world is supporting Iran's right to its nuclear program to the hilt. Out of 192 member nations of the UN, 118 in the Non-Aligned Movement support Iran, already a clear majority, let alone many other nations not in the NAM that support Iran. So let's see some truthful reporting, not this nonsense that is trying to spin the story that "The World" is against Iran. It's the other way around, but because the USA has coerced and bribed its trading partners into voting for illegal sanctions against Iran in the UNSC, the Western press is misreporting the situation completely. The truth is - Iran's nuclear conduct is legal and nobody has the right to deny Iran its legal rights. Secondly, the USA, itself breaching the NPT daily since it signed up, is acting illegally under the UN Charter by trying to foment regime change in Iran, running clandestine operations on Iranian territory and threatening Iran with attack. What Iran does is not the business of the USA, who would be well-advised to refrain from sticking its nose into the business of other nations, which it has been doing for far too long.