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American Policy of Hostility?

This is interesting, to say the least.

How can our own political leaders blast our actions as a "policy of hostility" when that is clearly the manner in which al-Qaeda operates? We are not baking young boys and serving them as lunch to their families to gain such cooperation through community-wide intimidation. We are not executing local tribal leaders and terrorizing entire towns into submission. Instead, we are fighting with Iraqis against those who are, freeing them of the yoke of al-Qaeda's violent intimidation.

Who says we are failing because of the American "policy of hostility" in Iraq, you might wonder.

The answer is here.

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I saw that post, Steve. In fact, I read The Tank daily, as it's one of the best military blogs around. Congrats on making the "big time" in a national publication.

I used to think that Richardson was the best of the Democrat bunch. He seemed more cerebral, and less loonly left.

Guess I had that one wrong.

When Jeane Kirkpatrick died I reread her famous 1984 "Blame America First" speech. I realized that if you changed a the proper nouns, the speech could be given today.