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After 9/11 - The Citizen Role

At the South Asia Analysis Group's International Terrorism Monitor, B. Raman notes an oft overlooked element in the fight against terrorism "waged separately and jointly by the countries of the world affected by the scourge of terrorism." In 9/11: Looking Back & Moving Forward, he calls attention to the roles and accomplishments of the average citizen.

11. The US has successfully managed to prevent so far a repeat of 9/11 in its homeland. While the tightening of the laws relating to terrorism and strengthened homeland security measures have contributed to this, one should also underline the role played by non-governmental groups and even private individuals in the US in monitoring the Internet-related activities of jihadi terrorist groups, which has helped the Government in its counter-terrorism preventive measures. US citizens have provided a very good example of the useful role, which alert and well-motivated individual citizens can play in counter-terrorism. This is worthy of emulation by citizens of other countries, including India.

12. Victim and citizen activism in fighting terrorism in the US is a matter for admiration and emulation by other nations and societies. One saw the way the relatives of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist strikes mobilised themselves to ensure that their Government took the necessary follow-up action----whether it be in the matter of the enquiry into the failure to prevent 9/11, the implementation of the recommendations of the National Commission on 9/11, strengthening counter-terrorism laws and capabilities or strengthening the political will to fight terrorism. Thanks to this citizen and victim activism, no political leader in the US today can afford to take a soft stance on terrorism and survive in politics.

It is without hesitation that we too acknowledge the "useful role which alert and well-motivated individual citizens can play in counter-terrorism." And we encourage more of it.

While certainly not the only group to do so, ThreatsWatch is if nothing else a collection of "alert and well-motivated individual citizens" who are driven to play a role in counterterrorism and the fight against those who seek to kill us and our families.

While we have each at ThreatsWatch taken it upon ourselves to conquer our various learning curves and communicate our understanding along the way, we in no means undertook this task and this publishing vehicle to trumpet our own individual and collective 'brilliance' in an ego-driven quest for adulation. We did so because, founded and managed by veterans, we simply see it as our extended service.

We, like you, are simply citizens. We see this as our role, our part, our contribution as "alert and well-motivated individual citizens." In "Supporting Security by Enhancing Awareness," each day we wake and pursue information and understanding, challenging ourselves, "If not you, then who?"

Because in the current conflict that history will note defines this generation, a little awareness goes a long way. Sharing it here seems only natural. We hope you find value in the content provided on these pages.


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Good essay, Steve, and I, for one, do appreciate the time and energy that all of you are donating to this site, in spite of the fact that you're also writing for the (gag) National Review.

Ha! Thanks, Jeffrey. We think the same of your efforts at IntelFusion. (Jeffrey's name is linked above.)

You are liberal and I am conservative, and likely to equal degrees in opposite directions.

Here's what I hope readers can acknowledge:

Regardless of all other political views, Jeffrey and I truly seek the same goals in this conflict. We often differ on how to get there, but the end goal is the same.

The same cannot be said among most Left-Right conversations (that I have experienced, watched or heard) regarding the conflict at hand.

That is why Jeffrey and those here at ThreatsWatch can have a reasonable discussion on things we disagree on, and - just as importantly - can openly say without remorse when we agree, considering each other's thoughts on an issue.

Cheers, Jeffrey.