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Palestinian Rocket Kills Two Children: 'Responsibility' Or 'Credit'?

Fired from Gaza, a Qassam landed in a Sderot kindergarten in Israel on Monday. Thankfully, with school not in session during the summer months, no one was present to be injured. Several buildings were damaged, however. And the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. (Or, should it rather be phrased 'credit'? To be sure, simply a matter of perspective.)

But another rocket fired from Gaza on Tuesday did strike and kill two children. Palestinian children in their home in the Gaza village of Beit Lahiya. The Qassam that never made it into Israel also injured five other children in the house. This time, however, no one stepped up to quickly claim credit for the attack. (Or, should it rather be phrased 'responsibility'? To be sure, simply a matter of perspective.)

Also silent on the deaths of the Palestinian children are the human rights groups who otherwise would have been setting about a flurry of press releases, had only the rocket instead have come from the other direction.

And nowhere to be seen is 'Green Helmet Guy' (or the Palestinian iteration of the same). You remember him, right? Likely the only 'first responder' rescue worker with his own (Hizballah) media production crew? (Detailed image analysis here.) Chronicled on video tape since at least 1996, he likely has more 'Dirty Jobs' in video archive than Mike Rowe.

And with the clear manipulation of the Qana airstrike 'incident' with 'Green Helmet Guy,' the Hizballah information operation feeding international media coverage of the attack by Israel completely swayed reporting of a war that was sparked by a deadly Hizballah attack into Israeli territory. In fact a recent University of Maryland study, Turning Point: Israeli Air Attack Flips Global Press Coverage of Hezbollah-Israel War, demonstrates this clearly.

So terrorists have killed two Palestinian children and wounded five others according to the reports. Yet, seemingly since it was likely the Palestinian Islamic Jihad again and not Israel, Human Rights Watch shows unequal interest in pressing the issue and 'Green Helmet Guy' is instead awaiting further assignment in southern Lebanon.

Perhaps Hamas' Khalid Meshaal will hold a press conference in Damascus and declare jihad against occupiers killing Palestinian children Gaza.

'Responsibility' or 'credit' is indeed simply a matter of perspective. And with Human Rights Watch, perhaps it's simply a matter of interest.