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US Destroying F-14s To Prevent Parts Sales To Iran

As the US accuses Iran of the execution of US soldiers in a Karbala, Iraq raid in January, the Department of Defense is proceeding with plans to completely destroy the remaining fleet of F-14 Tomcat fighter aircraft. Iran is the only country seeking to keep the F-14 in the air as the aging fleet sold to Iran in the 1970's falls into disrepair. Rather than sell non-sensitive parts in auction, the accidental or illicit sale of sensitive parts has prompted the DoD to shred and destroy the aircraft completely.

F-14 parts have made their way to the Iranians indirectly through auction buyers in the United States who often misrepresented themselves and/or broke Pentagon directives banning export of certain items. The DoD has thus decided to completely eliminate the ability of Iran to acquire parts indirectly.