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Reporting Means To Monitor Zawahiri?

Why is it that Brian Ross persists in routinely and grossly irresponsibly reporting sensitive intelligence information provided him on a regular basis by sources with similar impairment in judgment?

Intelligence analysts are also investigating technical clues that Zawahri's most recent audio message was phoned in via computer phone, using voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

As I pleaded with Mr. Ross and his editors, he clearly has "little to prove regarding [his] investigative abilities, sir, and little to professionally gain from exposing such details. It does, however, seriously damage our ability to observe and monitor the senior leadership of a terrorist group who has killed thousands of Americans, at home and abroad, and - as you yourself are reporting even within this report - clearly seeks to kill more of our citizens between our shores."

We used to be able to monitor bin Laden's communications via satellite phone until the media publicly reported such methods and means. The the trail went cold and dark all over again.

Was there a similar method of monitoring al-Zawahiri today? Might there have been developed a method if a new find?

We'll never know, as the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Communities will almost certainly never have that avenue again. Back to cold and dark.

Such irresponsibility in reporting is simply enraging and inexcusable.

In two days, the classified National Intelligence Estimate was leaked and the means by which to monitor the top leadership of al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the race was on to ensure that Scooter Libby found jail time for publicly disclosing the name of a a person who at the time was simply a CIA desk analyst...and whose position was so sensitive and secret that she posed for a Vanity Fair cover and layout before her name was public knowledge.

Something is broken with our media. Something is definitely broken with those who leak truly sensitive and damaging intelligence material. Clearly Brian Ross knows a lot of them.

I ask, what possibly could he have gained from this? It's not like he needs to be 'put on the map.' He's there. And one of the best investigative journalists, too. I have in fact cited him often. But his repeated poor judgment far exceeds all else. It costs lives.

Unless he decides to cede his United States Citizenship and leave the country to truly be a Reporter Without Borders, I beg Mr. Ross to check his ego when he learns such sensitive information.

Good bye, Mr. Ross. No Mas.

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in case you're interested Valerie Plame was more than likely outed by Aldrich Ames so she never was a covert agent since then and certainly not in the five years prior to the Libby farce.