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On Communicating In War

The normally measured Andy McCarthy just went off at National Review, expressing a frustration long held by many of us in the Administration's lack of communications skill.

Planet Earth to President Bush and the Republicans: Al Qaeda — having killed nearly 3000 Americans on 9/11 and promising to do it again — is baking 11-year-old Iraqis and serving them as cannibal fare to their own parents!!! The impediment between these barbarians setting up shop and civilization is OUR TROOPS. Do you think, maybe, there might kinda, sorta be something here we could work with — y'know, assuming, just for argument's sake, of course, that we might possibly want to, um, take on the Left and rebut their insanity before we go along with all this?

Do you think maybe if you — repeatedly and convincingly — made clear to Americans what is going on over there, they might think, like, maybe we really do have to kill these savages — whose biggest target is us and who will get bigger and stronger if we leave? Do you think the American people, no matter how unhappy they are with you and how low your approval numbers are, will be content to lose a war to al Qaeda?

Is it possible that, instead of filling the media with stories about how your administration is trying to find a way out, we might possibly have you get on TV with some of the pictures Michael Yon has been publishing — and, y'know, like, friggin' P-E-R-S-U-A-D-E the American people that our troops are over there for a reason that makes a difference for AMERICAN lives.

Sure, he's firing off heat seekers. It'd be one thing if he were wrong or off base.

But Andy's neither tonight.

He's also a friend and a recent guest on the FireWatch podcast, where he spoke to the implications of the Administration's potential shutdown of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. The audio will be published shortly.

1 Comment

I agree with Andy. I would suggest the main reason the public are negative about the war is because there is no opposition to the negative spin.

Bush needs to not just defend the war but go on the attack.

Just remember, Bush has no-one defending the war. Even Republican stalwarts were arguing he should cut and run before the last election.