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Michael Jordan Analyzes Pakistani Cricket

Makes no sense, right? Michael Jordan doesn't know a thing about cricket, let alone Pakistani cricket. Yet, Michael Jordan talking Pakistani cricket would be no more enlightening than elected members of Congress talking about the conduct of counterinsurgency operations on either the tactical or strategic level. Yet, many of them assure us that Iraq is lost. What to make of it? Theater.

There are those who do understand the enemy and the conflict at hand. One of them is Cliff May, and he is once again spot on. Though I neglected to link this yesterday, if you missed it, give A New Strategy in Iraq? a read today.

Contrary to what you’ve read in the newspapers, we are not debating whether to “change course” in Iraq. We are debating whether to accept defeat in Iraq.

Contrary to what you'€™ve seen on television, there is no way for us to "€œend the war." If we retreat from Iraq, the war will not just continue but expand. The only difference is that a battlefield on which we are now killing our enemies will be transformed into a base from which our enemies can safely plan to kill us.

Continue. And then check Michael Yon's latest dispatch.

Only then will you be prepared to bid adieu to Britain.

As I said yesterday when pondering the grim and plentiful operational future, "We know to whom the tasks fall." And that includes our relatively powerful allies, such as the Brits.

The ball will seemingly forever remain in our court, with the world's choice by default between inaction or American response.

And inaction incubates the enemy who seeks our destruction.

And American action constitutes "Imperial Hubris" by popular self-loathing definition.

At the end of the day, getting back to Cliff May's column, it remains to be uttered by those championing withdrawal how such retreat makes America safer. Shouldn't that question be asked on the Sunday morning circuits? It's both logical and fundamental.

They can't answer that question. Nor will they try. And they won't be asked, either. It simply wouldn't make for good theater.