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The JFK Plot: More Than Meets the Eye

The complaint that was filed against the JFK plotters, Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir, and Abdul Nur, provides some interesting insight into the operational planning of the operation and reveals what might have been a much larger, more dangerous, operation.

On page 12 of the complaint, a conspirator referred to as “Individual A” told another conspirator, “Individual E,” that he, Defreitas and an undercover agent, referred to as “the Source” were working on two plans: “one to smuggle individuals, including mujahideen, from Asia into Guyana and then into the United States; and a second to attack the United States where it would inflict the most harm.” As it appears, Individual A’s first priority was to smuggle foreigners into the United States via Guyana, and not to perpetrate the JFK attacks. With the focus of our border protection agencies being fixed on the Mexican border, our homeland's borders, notably the Florida keys, are significantly more porous.

Additionally, “Amir” Kareem Ibrahim, a citizen of Trinidad, became involved with the JFK plot when Defreitas and the Source traveled to Trinidad to seek assistance. Kareem insisted that he present the plans to his "contacts overseas who may be interested in purchasing or funding it.” On May 27, during a phone call between Defreitas, the Source, and Kareem, Kareem indicated that he was sending an emissary to present the plan and that the “individual would travel overseas to present the plan.” The use of an emissary, a courier if you will, is a standard modus operandi of al-Qaeda. Although there is no evidence to suggest that al-Qaeda was to be involved, the actions of Kareem indicate that he was possibly a middle-man who was seeking the blessings of a larger terrorist organization.

This foiled plot may indeed reveal the workings of a much larger operation. One thing to keep an eye out for is the future questioning of the suspects, particularly Kareem Ibrahim. Their testimonies may provide vital information about the extent of the plot and which outside actors might have gotten involved.

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I'm intrigued by the "Individual A" motivations of smuggling foreigners into the US through the Florida Keys, and the related possible involvement of the guy, el Shukrijumah. Is there any indication of the money connection? I haven't seen anything yet.