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Taliban-al-Qaeda Alliance Shifts Focus To Kabul

Just as tactics and weapons employed by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance in Afghanistan have come to mirror those employed by al-Qaeda In Iraq, so too now the strategy reflects by focusing attacks on the capital city, where troops - and more importantly, media cameras - are massed.

"It is true we are increasing our pressure on Kabul, because Kabul is the capital city and the foreign troops are concentrated there," Zabiyullah Mujahed said.

He added that the "independence and freedom of our country" was the goal of the Taleban and that they were repeating the same tactics used by insurgents in Iraq.

The BBC report goes on to describe a drop in support for the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance inside Afghanistan. Rural populations along the border surely tire of the cycle of having their towns over-ran and 'taken' by Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists who cross in from their safe havens in Pakistan. Such instances always include the killing of locals - principally those employed in a security context - in order to exert their dominance.

To be sure, Coalition forces have largely pre-empted the much promoted (annual) Taliban Spring Offensive by countering offense with offense.

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they were repeating the same tactics used by insurgents in Iraq

Yes, as seen in the rise of the use of suicide bombers and IEDs.