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Palestinian Authority Calls Out Iran

On Friday, ThreatsWatch highlighted the Iranian hand in Hamas' Gaza takeover. On Sunday, the Palestinian Authority's Information Minister called out Iran for its role as well.

“According to our information, Iran has played a big role in what happened in Gaza. Dozens of members of Hamas have been trained in Iran, and Hamas smuggled in weapons through tunnels not to fight Israel but against the Palestinian Authority,” Tirawi told a news conference.

“The whole plan has been carried out in co-ordination with Iran, and Iran has been informed of every step,” he added.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas previously accused “foreign elements from the region” of orchestrating Hamas’s bloody takeover, but it was the first time that a senior official explicitly blamed Iran.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri retorted that “Tirawi’s accusations are lies”, while acknowledging that Hamas enjoys good relations with Iran as well as other Muslim states.

It's the first time that Abbas' PA has directly named Iran in such a role and is significantly noteworthy in that regard.