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Haniyeh The Merciful

Hamas' former PA Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, has assured the West that securing the release of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston is a 'top priority' as his 100th day of captivity passes.

A senior Hamas leader last night insisted that securing Alan Johnston's freedom was a top priority as vigils were held worldwide to mark the BBC journalist's 100th day as a hostage.

Ismail Haniyeh, who was deposed as Palestinian prime minister last week, warned the Scot's captors that they were running out of time. He said: "We are approaching the need for being decisive. We hope to finish as soon as possible."

His comments came as a member of the violent clan said to be holding Mr Johnston was kidnapped and executed. The body of Munir Dughmush was dumped in a square in Gaza City yesterday - just hours after Hamas named his family as the group behind the abduction.

Haniyeh the Merciful. Benevolent terrorists are always refreshing.

Perhaps Haniyeh might make releasing Galid Shalit a 'top priority.' Or not. The Israeli soldier was captured in a Hamas-led operation one year ago in a Palestinian tunnel raid into Israel.

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Bush Doctrine, RIP

Our Terrorists Are Better Than Your Terrorists
Supporting Fatah, the Bush administration makes a deal with the devil.
By Andrew C. McCarthy
President Bush’s stirring post-9/11 message that regimes the world over have to choose between aligning with civilization or with terrorists should officially be interred in war-torn “Palestine.”

Seriousness about the doctrine is the only realistic way to defeat our enemies, and now we make a mockery of it.

A mockery built on the trifecta-fiction that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is an avatar of peace, that his Fatah faction has aligned with civilization, and that the Palestinian people — the ones who freely chose to install Hamas as their parliamentary majority and who have trademarked “Intifada” as an instrument of statecraft — are somehow worth prostituting ourselves over.