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FireWatch: New ThreatsWatch Podcast Launched

We're happy to announce the new ThreatsWatch podcast, FireWatch, a new regular audio feature that has been in development for some time.

Intended to "take you to flareups and hot-spots around the globe," we will be featuring for listeners discussions with insightful and knowledgeable guests from the counterterrorism, intelligence, media and government communities. There will also be regular discussion among ThreatsWatch contributors and members of the Center for Threat Awareness, of which ThreatsWatch.org is a part.

Evident right from the first edition of FireWatch, we are firm believers that maintaining a sense of humor is vital. There are many dark days in the world of counterterrorism and National Security concerns, particularly in a time of war. And without a sense of humor, it can be quite a challenge at times to pick up day after day and engage the issues that require attention, study and action. Serious subjects require sober approach. But after strings of discouraging developments and events brought on by ambitious and capable enemies, one can be left with the choice to either laugh or cry. Often, we say laugh. It can be the difference today that makes tomorrow's re-engagement of difficult issues possible.

In our first edition of FireWatch, we engaged in lengthy discussion with Eli Lake, senior reporter and National Security writer for the New York Sun. From the al-Askaria mosque bombing in Iraq to the Hamas takeover in Gaza, the issues at hand were covered in detail, but in a conversational tone. If you are expecting "Meet The Press," you'll not find it here. But if you want to get a glimpse of the thinking of one of the best National Security writers in the country (as well as that of ThreatsWatch contributors), then FireWatch is for you.

To download FireWatch, click here or right click then select 'Save Target As'.

With this our first FireWatch production, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Suggestions, criticism and comments are welcomed.

Recently from Eli Lake at the New York Sun:

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I listen to many hours of audio a day.
Too late now for this, but will check it out.

Yon reports on heavy action to occur in Baquaba.