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The Awakening: The Real 'Surge' In Iraq

At WRKO's Pundit Review Radio, Michael Yon spoke on The Awakening from Hit, Iraq. Led by Sheikh Abd al-Sattar from Ramadi, The Awakening is the national anti-al-Qaeda grassroots movement that sprang from the Anbar Salvation Council. Its significance for Iraq and Iraqis going forward is difficult to overstate. In the interview, Yon observed:

A new day is dawning and it looks like a real chance for some kind of success here in Iraq and I can tell you my spirits are substantially lifted just over the period of the last couple of months. I see 2007 is going to be a serious year for progress.

In Diyala province, now essentially al-Qaeda in Iraq's corporate headquarters having lost the initiative in Anbar, local tribal leaders have publicly announced the existence of the Diyala Salvation Council.

Go to Pundit Review and listen to the brief Podcast with Mike Yon. It is well worth your time today.