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PA Media's Take on Israeli Fears

Palestinian Media Watch highlights the Hamas' Al-Risalah newspaper's gloating over Israelis' seeking shelter from Hamas-launched and/or fleeing Sderot.

The related article includes another photo of a crying Israeli woman in shock after a rocket attack, with the caption, "A settler cries in Sderot moments after a rocket strike by the resistance." Note that all Israelis, even within the 1967 borders, are presented as "settlers" – a term Palestinians use to denote illegitimacy of Israel's existence.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Headline: "The resistance threatened for more: Al-Qassam rockets devastate settlements and force its residents to leave" "…dozens of the residents of Sderot city barged into the office of the mayor, Eli Moyal, requesting to be evacuated from the city, exposed to Palestinian rocket strikes…The Israeli ministry of war [sic] evacuated over a thousand people and transferred them from the city of Sderot to vacation resorts, which it [the ministry] rented for that purpose. This in spite of the government's official announcement of its refusal to evacuate the [residents of] the city…" [Al-Risalah, May 21, 2007]