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More Details of Iran Aiding Sunnis In Iraq

Yet more evidence of Iran supporting both Shi’a and Sunni insurgents and terrorists in Iraq. From the Chicago Tribune, 3rd ID commander Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch reveals what his troops have been learning.

Further complicating the battle ahead, Lynch said, is evidence uncovered in the area under his command, south of Baghdad, that Sunni insurgents possess the sophisticated bomb-making devices known as explosively formed penetrators that the U.S. believes are being supplied by Iran.

"We're seeing Iranian EFPs in the hands of Sunni extremists," he said, offering a further indication that Iran may be supporting both sides in Iraq's sectarian conflict. "Iranian influence is evident both with Shiite extremists and with Sunni extremists."

EFPs are a particularly lethal form of roadside bombs that typically kill or injure more soldiers than the other improvised explosive devices that have long been responsible for the majority of U.S. casualties.

Of the 13 soldiers under his command killed since he deployed to Iraq on April 1, more than half were killed by EFPs, Lynch said.

To those paying attention, the frustration builds. Comments from officials are consistently ‘cautious,’ spending most of their time confirming that they indeed do not have the memo from Supreme Leader Khameini or President Ahmadinejad ordering IRGC Commanding General Suleimani to kill Americans. Yet, the weapons persist, the attacks persist and the Americans are indeed ‘confirmed’ quite dead.

Critics look at such frustration and roundly opine, “Well what do you want, a war with Iran?” If you have not yet noticed, there already is a war with Iran. Iran is prosecuting an undeclared war. And it is angering that our boys are the only ones dying while we seek the blessed memo for CYA purposes. At some point, KIA must supersede CYA.

Of course there is the nuclear crisis, which gets largely the same treatment.

A 130-nation nuclear meeting stalled for its sixth consecutive day Monday after Iran refused to commit itself to a compromise meant to break a deadlock over Tehran's opposition to language of the agenda.

Diplomats at the conference — meant to work on strengthening the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty — told The Associated Press that the decision by the chairman of the meeting to skirt the issue at least until Tuesday came after Iran asked for an extra day of consultations with its capital.

But the diplomats, who demanded anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss confidential issues, suggested that Iran's request was nothing more than a delaying tactic, noting it had already had three days since the meeting was adjourned on Friday to come up with a decision.

Ion case you missed it, the story’s headline is “Iran Weighs Compromise at Nuke Conference.”

Oh, really? Iran says “No” once again. And the diplomats say, “OK, we’ll wait. Go get clarification, please.” Now that’s what I call ‘weighing compromise.’ Not sure what the Vegas line is on the clarification being “No.”

It just never ends. No one wants war with Iran. But for crying out loud, let’s acknowledge that they are killing us on the battlefield and playing the UN like a fiddle in pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.