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Hamas Threat Fatigue Peaks

Surely there must be others that have about had enough of the deluge of Hamas threats to the entire planet. The world had better utterly reject the use of blackmail as official governmental discourse from the Hamas wing of the elected Palestinian government. And with unequivocal clarity and resolve.

For the past several days, Hamas' brazen demands have been absolutely astonishing. Threatening to attack Israel if Europe and the United States do not restore their economic assistance, essentially governmental welfare checks?

Consider the headlines (just a short sampling) over the past 48-72 hours:

But of course...

And then there are other defensive maneuvers...

Oh yes, and there are other reasons to kill the Jews...

"While we're at it, let's just kill everybody..."

"...Even our own if they try to save themselves..."

Is it any wonder then that...

RECOMMENDATION: American and European leaders should advise Hamas to have at it, in language as equally plain and undiplomatic as their own chosen discourse. They should also be advised in no uncertain terms that they will then live with the unrestrained consequences of their blackmail and barbarism. Their actions, should they enact them as threatened, will not be met with the standard calls from American and European leadership for restraint and talks. The time for talks is now, not after such wild threats followed by attacks on civilian populations, be they Israeli or others.

It is, of course, a pipe dream to envision that Hamas would consider paying the salaries of civil employees with Iran's generous stop-gap stipends rather than build weapons stockpiles and fund indiscriminate Qassam rocket attacks into Israeli cities.

Threaten the United States and Europe that they will commence killing Israelis if we do not restore gifted money? Think about that for a second.

This isn't a hostage negotiation with the LAPD SWAT team, Mr. Meshaal. Have a go at it if you are resolved so. There's not much anyone can do to stop your orders or those of others in Hamas' leadership. But don't come crying when Israel returns fire.

But then, why would he, safely tucked away in Damascus?