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ThreatsWatch At National Review and The Examiner

National Review Online published an article by ThreatsWatch's Steve Schippert Wednesday. A response to DC politicians calling for the President to "Transition the Mission" and change it in order to "focus it more narrowly on counterterrorism, going after al Qaeda camps that might arise in Iraq,” Steve titled it This Is Counterterrorism, Senator. Introducing Senators Reid and Schumer to powerful Sunni Sheikh Abdul Sattar, a close Coalition anti-al-Qaeda ally, Steve argues that it is incredulous to conceive any "mission transition" from hunting and killing al-Qaeda terrorists to one that would "go after al-Qaeda camps" is in any possible way "more narrowly focus[ed] on counterterrorism."

Also, ThreatsWatch's Michael Tanji was tapped to write a blog for The Examiner newspapers. He has called it The SPOT Report. In his inaugural post at The Spot Report, Michael says:

What is a SPOT Report? In military parlance a SPOT Report is:
"...a concise narrative report of essential information covering events or conditions that may have an immediate and significant effect on current planning and operations..."
That's the essence of what I hope to accomplish here: Get quickly to the point about relevant issues and explain why you should care.

To regular ThreatsWatch readers, perhaps the 'essence' sounds somewhat familiar. National Security and Intelligence Community observers who appreciate Michael's insights, perspective and wit will want to check in regularly.