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Media Masking and Prisoner Detention in War

Classic Wretchard at The Belmont Club on the wartime prisoner detention. Taken to task is the contemporary issue of double standards borne of little more than accessibility and the danger level presented to the would-be (or should-be) observers.

This creates a bi-modal regime, or if you prefer, a "forward slope" and "reverse slope" in which facilities like Guantanamo Bay attract all the political fire, while Changi prison or some Chechen stockade is totally masked from criticism. Once this is understood, it is readily comprehensible why some detainees at Guantanamo Bay would do anything not to be released -- when that means being returned to Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

The hypocritical Human Rights establishment is directly to blame for this hideous state of affairs. In a kind of reverse triage, their priorities are to find human rights abuses where they are least likely to be found and ignore them where they are most common.

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