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UK: 'Timeout' for Iran 'Perverse'

Britain's UN Ambassador shot down South Africa's call for a 90-day 'timeout' for Iran rather than proceed with further Security Council measures, calling the notion "perverse." The BBC reports:

Council members South Africa, Qatar and Indonesia have proposed amendments.

South Africa's - that Iran be granted a 90-day hiatus on all sanctions - has been rejected out of hand by the council's major powers.

Britain's UN ambassador, Emyr Jones Parry, called the suggestion "perverse".

"Every time we paused, Iran then came round and said the pause was terribly useful because 'we were able to develop and enhance our nuclear capability'," he said.

Quite correct. However, in the quest for consensus, the Security Council will instead hear criticism of....Israel.

But they say they will consider on Thursday a request by the two Muslim nations for the resolution to call for a nuclear-free Middle East - implying that Israel should get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Fair or unfair, Israel's nuclear capability plays a major role in its deterrence and has left potential attackers to seek out proxies like Hizballah, Hamas and the assorted lot of Palestinian terrorist groups to do their bidding through terrorist pot-shots.

Further, why would Israel's self-imposed nuclear disarmament cause Iran to cease its nuclear advancement? It is their right, we are constantly reminded, and they will not budge, "not one iota."

Iran and others seek the destruction of Israel not because they have nuclear weapons, but because they are Jews. The 'causus belli' thus remains. Let's be sure to enter that into the calculus first, please, gentlemen.