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Skirting The Issue of Terrorism

Three months after the United Nations Security Council levied sanctions on Iran that included a ban on sales of dual-use nuclear equipment, the UN’s IAEA has finally decided to ban nuclear assistance to Iran.

The move expected to pass muster with the 55-member IAEA Board of Governors is drawing immediate criticism from Iran, which is still in violation of the UN Security Council mandate that the Islamic Republic cease enrichment activities. Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA offered a retort in complaint within the context of what he called an IAEA that is weaker than it has ever been.

From Vienna, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said, “For instance the IAEA Chief is quoted as saying that Iran has not suspended its uranium enrichment activities. That is right. We have not suspended enrichment, but we have good reasons for doing so, since no one has technically, or legally convinced us why we should do so.”

That is because Iran refuses to pay attention when it is plainly stated and laid out that Iran is the premier state sponsor of international terrorism and, as such, is quite simply not trusted with nuclear technology. Soltanieh, the IAEA, the Security Council and even critics of the West’s pressure on Iran know that the “technical or legal” argument is an intentional skirt of the underlying issues.

As was argued here last night, it’s the terrorism, stupid. Yet even the West allows itself to get wallowed in the mire of arguing or negotiating or talking or studying Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, the real and present danger of Iran’s chief export, terrorism, benefits from our distraction and costs very real lives at present, not theoretical lives in the future.

Why does this avoidance happen? Because addressing real terrorism vice potential nuclear weapons requires action, decisiveness and resolve. It simply cannot be procrastinated with talks about talks. Simply put, it is profoundly more difficult to deal with and the solutions – requiring a resolve equal to or greater than that of the Iranian regime – are unpleasant and not found within the board rooms of the UN, the IAEA, or anywhere else.

How distracted (or willfully ignorant) are we? Well, France is negotiating a gas deal with the terror-sponsoring regime. So does a German company. And nations (read: European Union states) are ‘struggling’ to ratify sanctions on Iran for defying the UNSC….twice now within the calendar year.

Meanwhile, we have .50 caliber sniper rifles and infrared EFP triggering devices tracked by serial numbers to Iran.

Again, the immediate crisis with Iran is decidedly not nuclear. Iranian nuclear arms have not accounted for a single American body bag to date. Iranian terrorism, on the other hand…