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Hamas Demands Israel Restore EU Funding to PA

In a meeting in Tehran, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged visiting Damascus-based Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal to continue its fight against Israel. Ahmadinejad said, "The [Palestinian] government should use its brave and pious forces to continue resistance against the Zionist regime." To that, Israel Radio reported Meshaal said Israel 'will eventually disappear from the world, and the Palestinians should be prepared for that.'

Yet a "senior Hamas offcial" is reported in Israel's Haaretz within the same news cycle that Hamas "will offer a promise from Hamas and Fatah of a total cease-fire with Israel, including a complete halt to Qassam [rocket] fire and suicide bombings" if Israel will reverse course and ask the European Union to restore its funding tp the Palestinian Authority government. Hamas has still not offered to recognize Israel or renounce terrorism.

Beyond (or rather, part of) the Hamas offer, it was made clear that if Israel in fact did not seek to restore EU funding to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, the existing un-written semi-ceasefire currently in effect will be "at risk." In other words, Hamas will enter a full ceasefire (to the extent that they can enforce one, which is more than questionable with the assorted lot of terrorist groups) if and only if EU funding is restored with Israel's support. Otherwise, the terror attacks will increase.

Many observers who comment on this are likely to discuss it within the context of a 'power play' or realpolitik. That is a trap of nuance that dismisses the civilian targets of terrorists.

There's a simple word for it: Extortion.

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So!----what else is new? The Palestinian Arabs and Israelis have been playing a cat and mouse game for a very long time now. Ever since a Zionist delegation went to the Ottoman Sultan to offer to buy the land adjacent to the alleged temple wall a continuing series of events has been put into play that cannot be stopped. By the way, the Sultan told the Zionist delegation that he would have his heart cut out first before selling any Islamic land to the Jews or words to that effect----A portent of things to come?

Around the same time another Arab official warned the Zionist groups, who were busily buying all the farm land they could in Palestine, that they should not try to create a state for it would open a wound that will not heal----another omen?

The rest is history, but in the context of your post, the various negotiations, compromises, agreements between Israel and it's foes, all have one thing in common, the Israelis always ratchet down and the Palestinian groups/Arabs always ratchet up. For a nation where the majority is seeking a semblance of peace----blackmail might just work.