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Timmerman: Squeeze Iran

In Squeeze Iran, Kenneth Timmerman writes that, while many are frustrated with the American leadership's reluctance to go public with the evidence on Iran's deadly game in Iraq, the pressure on Iran has been steady...and effective.

The U.S. Cobra is finally standing on its tail. This strategy is clearly working.

In Tehran, shortly after the January 10 speech by President Bush, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei set up two commissions, terrified that the policies of President Ahmadinejad were taking his regime to defeat.

A domestic policy review board is examining Ahmadinejad’s dismal handling of the economy, which has led to increased unemployment and runaway inflation.

A national security and intelligence review board led by Khamenei’s son Mojtaba and his chief of staff, Akbar Hejazi, is looking at Iran’s nuclear face-off with the international community and its aggressive posture in Iraq.

According to Iranian exiles who have been following these events closely, a rift has developed between Ahmadinejad and senior Revolutionary Guards “professionals,” who believe the President’s overheated rhetoric and behavior is endangering the survival of the regime.

“It’s not that these professionals want to make peace with America and sing Kumbaya with the opposition,” said Shahriar Ahy. “Rather, they feel that Ahmadinejad has brought in undisciplined amateurs who are riding roughshod” over their agencies and “destroying all the work” the professionals have accomplished over the past twenty years.

Tehran’s reaction to the more forceful U.S. policy in Iraq gives the lie to the U.S. politicians and analysts who have been arguing that the United States must talk to Tehran.

In fact, it shows they were completely wrong.

Read it all. When you are done, look west from Iraq to see one of Syria's contributions to the effort to kill Americans in Iraq.

The former Iraqi Parliament member now wanted for stealing $2 million from the government, Sunni Mishaan al-Jabouri, runs al-Zawraa TV (aka Jihad TV) 'in the open' without fear of arrest in his new home, Damascus. al-Zawraa broadcasts Iraqi insurgent propoganda via satellite, including footage of insurgent-filmed attacks on US soldiers.

[See: CBS News Video: Live From Syria: Insurgent TV]

As the CBS News interview shows, it is an effective recruiting tool for the insurgency, providing an advertising and marketing arm that clearly feds into Iraq fresh foreign terrorists.

Iran and Syria do not respond to negotiation in the manner many may wish. They do, however, respond to fear. Negotiations do not inspire fear. It is for this reason that those - particularly in Washington, DC - who openly lament that the Administration is 'beating the war drums,' it is still talk, just as is negotiation. However, it is talk that is backed by threat of force and instilled fear. This is the only such talk that either will respond to in a manner all desire but others seek through classic negotiation.

With actors such as Iran and Syria, this is negotiation.


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