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The Predictable Palestinian 'Diplomatic Blitz'

It was only a matter of time. Predictably, Palestinian leaders are now making the rounds with their new peace deal in hand, engaging in a 'diplomatic blitz' to convince Europe and the United States to restart the free flow of millions in international aid funds to the Palestinian Authority that were cut off when the terrorist group Hamas was freely elected into the majority in the Palestinian government one year ago.

The newly agreed-to Mecca Accord has, at least temporarily, settled the bloody dispute between Hamas and Fatah within the Palestinian Territories. It has addressed nothing that caused the monetary cutoff.

The Associated Press report that coined the new Palestinian overtures to Europe and the United States a 'diplomatic blitz' seems in one paragraph to minimize the importance of some semblance of peace between Israel and the Palestinians and supplant it with guaging peace between warring Palestinian factions as the determining factor for the resumption of US and EU funding.

While apparently falling short of Quartet demands, it goes a long way toward ending months of Palestinian infighting that has killed more than 130 people, and the international community might be reluctant to take any steps that could renew tensions.

Falling short? As if the withholding of EU and US funding ever had anything to do with whether or not Fatah gunmen were killing Hamas gunmen and vice versa. "Going a long way toward ending months of Palestinian infighting" has nothing to do with going a long way toward recognizing Israel's right to exist or renouncing terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. The latter would be "going a long way" to resuming the flow of funds. The former is irrelevant.

The strategy being employed is one that attempts to leverage the displays of American and Israeli cooperation with Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah. With Hamas ending its street-level death match with them, it is hoped that this will transfer enough through Fatah to convince the West to loosen its purse strings once again. But this is almost akin to Germany and Japan reaching a peace brokered by Italy in 1943, and then touting that as cause for US and British handouts and assistance.