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Symposium - Iran: The Countdown

It was a pleasure to be invited by Dr. Jamie Glazov to participate in a symposium on Iran, along with Dr. Michael Ledeen, Dr. Patrick Clawson, Kenneth Timmerman and Andrew McCarthy. The exchange among the group was spirited at times and never short on ideas.

The discussion within Iran: The Countdown starts with and often returns to the Iranian nuclear threat, but invariably finds itself centered on the Islamic Republic's 28-year run as the principal state sponsor of international (and Iranian domestic) terrorism and regime change.

Readers who come here primarily seeking information and views on Iran will likely find Iran: The Countdown worth the read. Many thanks to Dr. Glazov and FrontPage Magazine for the invitation. A similar symposium on Pakistan may well be coming soon, and hearing a few others discuss the road ahead for Pakistan would certainly be very interesting.