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Site Changes Underway

As you may have noticed, changes are underway at ThreatsWatch.

First you'll notice that we've pulled the NewsBrief and InBrief sections of the site. This was done in conjunction with the creation of the DailyBriefings section. Our aim in doing so was to enable us to provide more frequent and worthy context added news and simultaneously increasing our availability to develop more significant works of analysis, commentary and special reports.

We made the decision to maintain the DailyBriefings archives in our resources library pages in hopes that the news, combined with the coming resources on those pages would be of real value to our readers. We are not maintaining individual archive pages for DailyBriefings - nor allowing comments or trackbacks to them. That decision could change if our readers believe their would be significant value in having that option.

Also, we've begun to use tags on our entries - across the full spectrum of the site. While the earliest usage will have limited value, as our archives are updated with tags - and new entries are added - we hope that the value will become clear.

There are other events taking place offline, specifically related to the Center for Threat Awareness, and we hope to be able to share some of that shortly.

By all means, feel free to share your feedback - positive or negative - here.