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Bullies And The Bullies Who Bully Them

Today, both past and present presidents of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, claimed in separate speeches that its critics (ie: the West - primarily the United States) is 'bullying' Iran on its nuclear weapons program after the release fo the IAEA report on Iran's program. This strikes as an unseemly attempt at posturing as victims for the world's premier state sponsor of international terrorism.

But alas, the terrorist-coddling regime is a quite capable victim, not quite ready for a seat on the set of daytime talk shows. Rafsanjani warned, “If you continue this bullying way, you will definitely make many troubles for yourselves, the world and the region.” Not to be outdone, the former IRGC officer turned president, Ahmadinejad, offered, “This is the spirit of arrogance and culture of aggressive powers.”

But they understand their intended audience well and are not the first to claim that the US is Bullying Iran. The New York Times beat them to the proverbial punch, complaining of American "escalation" without acknowledging Iran's own escalation through killing Americans and arming those who do in Iraq.

Any response to comments of Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani today can be found in the original response to the New York Times editorial in a ThreatsWatch Commentary titled The Bully And His Mercenaries. In part:
Iran has been embedding its Qods Force members within Iraq – including throughout all levels of Iraq’s government – since the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Through this network, it has supplied both Sunni terrorists and insurgents as well as Shi’a militias and death squads with cash, training and weapons, including the milled explosive charges and infrared triggers that have been employed in roadside bombs. These IED’s have accounted for 70% of US casualties in Iraq and Iran has perfected the weaponry for maximum carnage. For the jihadiyun, they truly are the MVP of global jihad. One would think that such deadly weapons shipped in from Iran would be the bane of those who so support the troops. Yet, in truly revelatory fashion, barely a word condemning Iran for such “escalation” is heard in network newscasts or seen in New York Times editorials. Perhaps that is because Iranian ayatollahs do not vote in American presidential elections.
Perhaps, considering the consistent language, they do read the Times.